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Best Bookmarklets

What are bookmarklets?

If you’re not already familiar with them, bookmarklets are JavaScript links that you can place on your browser’s toolbar to add one-click functions to the website or browser.  They’re free and help make things you do often faster and easier to perform.  They run the gambit in terms of functionality and include things like altering the appearance of a webpage, translation, sharing and printing.

I’ve collected some links to useful bookmarklets here to enhance your browsing experience.  Most of these I use myself.  Please leave a comment if you have a cool bookmarklet you think should be included.

Bitly Bitmarklet

Shortening URLs is becoming more and more popular. The Bitly bitmarklet will save you time and hassle when creating shortened URLs. It saves you from going o the Bitly site to create a shortened URL. Simply drag the “bitmark” button to your browser’s bar.  Once it’s there, just click it to create a shortened URL of the current website. Handy!



 Gmail This!

While browing the internet for research or in boredom, you’ve probably come across many sites you’d like to make a note to yourself or want to save for later viewing. The Gmail This! bookmarklet makes it super easy to do this. It opens a Gmail compose window and makes the title of the current webpage the subject and body of the message with the link. You can add any other notes you want in the body, enter an email address and send the email.  I most often use this to send things to myself, but my boyfriend and mother are also a frequent recipients and have taken to using this bookmarklet as well.  It really is nice to have.


Joliprint allows you to convert a webpage to a PDF file you can save and read later. The page is placed in a two-columns, a link to the original website is added, and clickable links from the webpage remain intact. Unnecessary junk (banner ads and such) is excluded from the PDF file.



If you own a Kindle, you can easily send articles on webpages straight to your Kindle to read later! This is a free, fast service, but does require a little initial setup to use. Visit Tinderizer, enter your Kindle email address, and authorize the Tinderizer server to email you.  It’s really not too involved and, im my opinion, totally worth the few minutes of effort.


If you use an e-reader besides Kindle, it likely uses the EPUB file format. This bookmarklet allows you to convert webpages into eBooks using the dotEPUB bookmarklet (and Chrome extension). The page is converted and then displayed in a new tab. Save the eBook to your hard drive using the Save button, then you can transfer it to devices that accept the EPUB format for later reading.



 Wikipedia Lookup

If you’re like me, and you find yourself looking up items from webpages on Wikipedia on a regular basis, then you’ll find the Wikipedia Lookup useful. It’s a fast and simple way to highlight text and quickly look it up.
Wikipedia Lookup



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