Jan 26

CintaNotes – A Note-Worthy App

I take electronic notes ALL the time. Sadly, my note management was … we’ll just say ‘lackluster’. What I mean by that, obviously, is a complete mess!

As a tech geek and like many of you, I’m almost constantly attached to my PC, tablet or smartphone. With so much important, interesting and funny information at my fingertips, how could I not take notes?

So, I’m cruising along the news when I notice something ridiculous a politician said that I want to share with my momma later – highlight, copy, paste into a notepad. Later I see some information in a blog post about a Photoshop tip I didn’t know about – oooh, I want to save that! Highlight, copy … oh, now I have to save the other one before I can start a new note. Hmm, I’ll throw it in this random folder, because I’ll totally remember that later … yeah. Not exactly effective note management, and I know I’m not alone.

What’s happened is what happens when I take notes on paper – I have lots of information … somewhere.

Ah, but my friends, I have another fantastic, marvelous solution for your every day geeky lives! Drum roll please …. CintaNotes!

What this fancy little app does is allow you to copy/paste or write notes directly, just like any other notepad. But where this stands out is in it’s ability to group different notes together, search by phrase or keyword and (check this out) it automatically saves the URL you grabbed it from!

Cintanotes works with any program, whether it’s web-based or not. You can grab something from MS Outlook, a snippet from Acrobat and a quote from Wikipedia – a quick Ctrl+F12 places any of them conveniently into my CintaNotes where they’re not forever lost! In addition to tagging and grouping by keyword or URL, you can just start typing what you remember about the note. As you type, only the notes that are relevant stay in the list.

Really, for something we use so frequently, it’s worth taking a few minutes to download this app. You’ll be so glad you did. It’s kind of like notepad and evernote grew up and went to college. Not a community college either, a software Harvard, and graduated with a degree in Intuitive Usefulness. Grats!

You’re welcome!

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I've got my hands in any number of pots at any given time. Currently I'm developing android apps, blogging, playing Rift and planning a wedding!

Christina – who has written posts on Virtually Living.

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