Aug 20

DAM Good Just Got Even Better!

Picture This! Personalized Online Proofing in a Snap

I’ve been using Filecamp for my writing and graphic art business since December. You can read my post about them here. Obviously, I’ve loved them long time. If you don’t feel like clicking over to the full post, here’s an excerpt:


File sharing doesn’t really do it justice though.  Filecamp does it all.  They’re a one-stop shop for file sharing, FTP, online proofing and image library – in one, integrated, secure, cost-effective solution.

I can offer both collaborators and clients a smooth, easy way to work on projects while I look SO legit.  Filecamp let’s you customize your sharing with your logo and colors.  I don’t mean one obviously stuck in, pixelated, squished logo – I’m talking the whole thing is integrated to look like your professionally hosted personal sharing suite.  Talk about instilling a sense of professionalism and security; your clients will be impressed.  It brings a polished and savvy interface to match your business.

As a freelancer, it is absolutely essential that the face I show clients is no less professional than the “big guys” offer, then beat them out with individual attention they simply can’t provide. Filecamp has been an integral partner in growing my business in this way. I’ve been thrilled with their service and pricing.

I hadn’t been focusing much on graphics. I would offer to source some royalty and copyright free images, and occasionally create or doctor them for better clients. Really though, my focus is writing. Still, the media library made all of this much easier. Several months ago, I started playing around more deeply with infographics – the clients loved them!

They have been great for me creatively as well as professionally, as they incorporate both copywriting and allow me to fl

ex some visual creative muscles. I’d been perfectly happy utilizing Filecamp’s image filesharing and proofing tools for my infographics. Then they updated …

I’m always a little leery when software I like gets updated – often it’s not for the better. Perhaps I should have had m

ore faith in Filecamp, as their regular updates have always been non-intrusive and further improved their service. Their recent update to online proofing was no exception. Hmm, well it was kind of an exception actually – it’s even better!

So much better that I am taking the time to share a whole other post about it. Here are the highlights:

Super Simple:

Being a geek, I can usually navigate even less than user friendly interfaces – though not happily. The vast majority of my clients aren’t quite so technically savvy nor do they have the time or interest in learning a complicated system. Filecamp has always been user friendly, but the new tools they’ve incorporated take it to a whole other level. The new feedback tools are so easy, anyone can use them. More than that, they manage to be visually appealing and sophisticated while maintaining that ease. Check out the pics – my clients have even noticed and commented on this collaborative system of “mine”.


Rather than emailing back and forth, which often results in miscommunication and muddled versions, the easy interface allows both me and my clients to comment and respond right on current projects. Gone are the days of spending time working on the wrong version! Plus, since we can place comments right on top of images, there’s a lot less confusion and effort in referencing what exactly we’re talking about.

Archived Control

Sometimes, despite even the best system, a client decides we’re heading in the wrong direction. No worries, I got this! Filecamp archives each version each time a new one is uploaded. Did you catch that? Anyone remotely involved in a similar business is going to love this feature. Come on, you know you’ve been in situations where you forgot to “save as” a different file every step of the way. It’s a pain! They do it for you (can I get a hallelujah?!) and you can have any earlier version with a simple click. Even all the comments and marks are saved!

Log Roll

Another thing they do automatically for me is log everything. Each time a page or document changes status, boom!, it’s logged. It’s handy for me to see if the client has done anything since I last checked, but it’s also an easy way for them to see what I’ve been doing. Further, I sometimes send it out with invoices. Clients seem to feel better about paying me with a concrete list of everything I’ve done along the way. It looks pretty impressive.

If you’re a freelancer like I am or a small business owner, you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you’re not using the affordable tools Filecamp offers. It’s a small investment that brings a whole new level of professional and polish to your image, while making your work and client interaction much easier.

You’re welcome!




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1 comment

  1. Peter Haztowich

    Yes, we’ve switched from proofhq to Filecamp a few months ago and our customers love it.
    It’s so simple!
    Oh yes, I almost forgot: It’s 100% white label so we’re getting all the credit from our clients

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