Jan 05

Effective Mobile Advertising with Adsfront

Adsfront makes targeted mobile advertising affordable and simple

As most of the population transforms into what was once the sole reign of the geeky comes a whole platform of marketing.  Just about everyone these days has a smartphone and more people than not have a tablet as well.  Tech gadgets are a way of life for the general population.  So, what are the truly geeky to do?  Why we develop apps and software for these devices of course.

You’ve got a great new product to show off, or you’re having a blow-out sale – how do you make sure people take notice?!  Surely, this is the trickiest and least fun part of product development and advertising.  I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Adwords and the like, with little return on investment.

I have, though, found one really great way to reach people using mobile platforms.  Adsfront has a free app on the Play Market called DealsCacha. Their app is free to users and provides them with targeted deals in their area.  They present the deals on beautiful HD wallpaper.  When a user sees one they are interested in, they just click the link.  Not much motivates a conversion more than the buyer feeling like they’re getting a great deal only available for a limited time.

Adsfront beautiful wallpaper app brings your deals to the right consumers.

Let’s talk a minute about the term “target”.  Many claim to target local users or those in your niche, very few actually do.  Adsfront allows YOU to choose the zip codes you want to target. This is just HUGE.  It is offered elsewhere, but only with a very high price tag.  You’re going to be shocked at what they offer for the price – and how easy it is!

First, download the end user app. You’ll see why so many people download it and keep it installed – you probably will to.  It provides beautiful HD wallpaper while offering genuine deals. Then, hop on over to their site.  Once you’ve taken a look around, the page to advertise is located here.

I started out intrigued, this is where I was absolutely sold.  Once you’ve developed your ad (remember, you can use vivid visuals to shine on their HD platform) you simply upload it along with the link to your sales page, or whatever page you’d like.  Title it, add some details, choose your zip codes, and away you go! All for … wait for it … $30!  $30 for a MONTH of TARGETED mobile advertising!  Nowhere is there another deal like this – trust me, I’ve looked.

At this price, with such a simple way to launch, multiple campaigns with different and specific messages are actually viable.  I’m excited to watch the conversions and think you will be too!  You’re welcome!

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I've got my hands in any number of pots at any given time. Currently I'm developing android apps, blogging, playing Rift and planning a wedding!

Christina – who has written posts on Virtually Living.

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