Jan 31

Even Geeks Need Help! PCFixer to the rescue!

I know it can be difficult for geeks to admit they need technical assistance, traumatic even. The sad truth is that we’ve all been there.

I have a whole contingency of family in the southern California area who had raved about this IT crew that had come and saved the day. As in actually came to their house removed a virus from a laptop, increased performance on their PC and changed all 4 smartphones to improved operating systems and mobile browsers. Ok, so I was duly impressed. I didn’t even know computer repairs had come so far.

It used to be no small matter if something went wrong with your computer; I mean, you had to contort yourself into awkward positions to fish all the cables out from behind your desk, disconnect everything and take the box into the repair center.  That’s probably the reason so many of us have learned to fix some issues ourselves.  I know I’ve spent hours and even days muttering at my computer screen, lips mouthing the words “why?”, and “what the… “.  If it wasn’t such a pain to take it in, maybe I’d have a few less gray hairs… Who can say?  The fact is that these days, you don’t even have to leave your house to get help with computer problems.  Isn’t technology wonderful?

The folks at PCFixer not only help out the computer-challenged in the Los Angeles area, they offer remote assistance. I know who I’m calling when I need help – and shame-free with no car parked in the driveway with GeekSquad loudly painted across it! Moreover, I know who I’m sending people to when they come seeking computer help from busy ol’ me!

They offer same-day service to businesses and homes in Southern California.  With a team of professional consultants and a wide-range of skills, garnered through training and experience, they’ll have you back up and running in no time.  From all levels of technology from printer sharing to Server management, a simple phone call is all it takes to have one of their college-educated technicians arrive promptly to service your Mac or PC. Visit the PCFIxer website or give them a call at 310.948.0588 for a free estimate.

P.S. If you mention you read their homepage, you get 5% off!

You’re welcome!


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