Oct 29

Farewell My Faithful Friend

Farewell My Faithful Friend

Last week, we put our beloved golden retriever Harley to sleep. He was nearly 15 years old.

Harley was the best dog anyone could ask for.  Loving, obedient, patient with mocking cats and playful children, smart and, most of all, sweet.

Harley getting Mail

Harley bringing in the mail.

We got Harley from a Golden Retriever rescue program when he was 4.  We were never told what the circumstances were prior to his arrival. Whatever happened, it did not deter his affectionate ways.  Harley was constantly at my heel. Be I in the kitchen, doing laundry or watching TV, he was never more than 2 feet from me. He just wanted to be close.

He was a big lovebucket! He’d lean his weight against my legs and try to snuggle his head in under my arm; “I wanna cuddle!” Eager to please, he especially loved getting the mail. I’m pretty sure he always secretly hoped for additional audience members to ooh and aaah at his performance as well.  The mail carrier in New York adored him, and took to bringing him a treat each day.

He was also beautiful … and he knew it.  After visiting the groomer or just getting a thorough brushing at home, he would trot with a swagger in his step, letting his flowing tresses wave as he moved. I’m not trying to be poetic here, he really did tilt his head up and strut!

Brush me

Brush me?

Harley was my constant companion.  His snores comforted me at night. His wet nose told me it was time to get up in the morning. The unconditional love ever present in his big, brown eyes was a blessing each day. I miss him terribly. The house seems much too big and far too empty these days.

I only hope we gave him half the joy he so freely gave to us.

Rest in peace Harley Bear. We love you.

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