Feb 19

Games for Every Geek at EBOG

Could I rightfully call myself a geek if I didn’t take some time out to game every now and then?

I’ve been working … A LOT. Glued to my PC really. When that burnout starts to set in, I need some relief!  My preferred form of relief is gaming. This is much different from slacking off, don’t be confused. It’s clinically necessary R and R. I’m confident there is a study, somewhere, that states taking a break to shoot aliens and strategically destroy invading vikings improves work performance.

What I don’t need is to spend the little time I get for gaming to be wasted on searching for a decent site on which to them play them freely. Oh, or to think I’ve found them only to be interrupted by a baziliion (yes, bazillion is also proven to be a real number in some study somewhere) pop-up ads telling me there are sexy singles waiting for me (right in my town!) or told halfway into a good game that I need to register to continue playing.

So, my friends, I have another gem to save you my pain. EBOG (Eric’s Best Online Games) has a bazillion (see what I did again?) games. They are genuinely free, the buttons don’t get covered by jarring pop-ups and there are categories and reviews. My only caution here is that your 15 minute break may turn into 2 hours … not that it’s ever happened to me or anything.

Perhaps unimportant to you, but my new crush – the mascot! It is the most adorable one-eyed, purple alien ever! I have dubbed him “Thaddeus Scroggins” and I want a plush representation.

Normally I end my posts by preemptively thanking myself on your behalf. This time though, thanks go to Eric and his best on-line games for saving my sanity and introducing me to Thaddeus, Mr. Scroggins to those as yet unfamiliar.

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