Oct 11

Geeks are Not Hipsters!

Hipsters are not geeks!

This awful hipster phenomenon seems to confuse people.  I’m quite tired of the two being synonymous and of hearing overly indulged, “look at me now” hipsters claiming to be geeks. Allow me to help clarify in the geeky form of a table:

Wear thick framed, Henry Kissinger inspired glasses after their parents have paid for Lasik eye surgery in order to achieve a specific Hipster look.Wear glasses because their eyes have deteriorated from thousands of hours staring at computer code and small comic book type. They actually need the glasses to see well enough to accurately place the new Aduino LED that came today.
Wear hand-knit caps in August made from organically fed sheep (who were politely asked to share thier coat) so they can be indentified by uniform and allowed entrance into the adult kickball league.Wear knit caps in December that their sweet grandmother, who always loved them despite their quirky ways, made for them in their favorite color to protect their delicate skin from biting wind.
Sport carefully selected retro T-shrts, for which they pay $120, to proclaim to the world how they rebel against commercial fashion - just like the other thousand hipsters at tonight's silent raveStill wear their treasured Star Wars T-shirt circa 1984 because it's comfortable, still fits and Princess Laia is still just plain nice to look at, despite the flaking decal.
Proclaim to the world via Twitter about the importance of locally grown produce and how they have just returned with a $28 stalk of celery from a rooftop garden covered in tar, diseased pigeon excrement and lead paint.Look for any palatable source of energy that can be quickly made and cosumed in order for them to return post-haste to their MMORPG raid and send off a tweet declaring their final and uncontested victory over Atrophenius, the mead-drinking, horned demon from the Realm of Chaos.


Look, I could go on and on here, but the general theme is this:
Geeks obsess about things they genuinely love. Those can vary as widely as people do in general but are likely to include all things technical and sc-fi..  Though they can be elitist when it comes to their obsessions, they generally don’t care what other people are into and live and let live.
Hipsters love what other hipsters say they should love, all with a superior attitude dismissive of what other people are into.

I don’t care if you want to go out of your way to be noticed in your hipster uniform of old bowling shoes and excessive facial hair all while on a permanent vacation your parents funded, but don’t call yourself a geek.

You haven’t earned that badge.


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Christina – who has written posts on Virtually Living.

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