Oct 06


Ahh, the obligatory introduction post …

I’m pretty sure almost noone cares how I take my coffee or what my favorite color is, so I’ll stick to what is at least peripherally related to the content of this blog.

I spend a lot of time online. You probably do too. I game a lot … maybe you do too.  At the moment I play Rift, and MMORPG – yes, I’m a dork.  I totally blame my parent’s love of Dungeon and Dragons for this particular geeky indulgance.  After all, if I can’t blame my parents, it’s not a real issue.  I suppose gaming related things would be a separate blog, it’s more of a qualifier here – is it suitably geeky enough to get me accepted?

I’ve always loved shopping and, in particular, getting bargains.  I use Paypal tons and have dabbled in Bitcoin as well.  I’ve learned quite a bit about security, the best sites to shop, some cool ways to use Paypal as both a buyer and a merchant, and the overall competitive reasons behind it all.  I suppose that is mostly what I will share.

The rest is just a collection of stuff I find either helpful (in general or for programs/things I use) and funny.  Mostly, it’s simply a sneak peak into another internet nerd’s favorites bar.

About the Author:

I've got my hands in any number of pots at any given time. Currently I'm developing android apps, blogging, playing Rift and planning a wedding!

Christina – who has written posts on Virtually Living.

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