Jan 07

Mobile Gallery for your Art with Adsfront

My last post talked about Adsfront’s mobile marketing.  While I stand by that post 100%, it’s a great way to reach customers for just about anything, I think using it as a mobile gallery for artwork is deserving of it’s own post.

I’m not sure I’ve brought this up before, but I am an artist.  Yes, I identify myself as a geek, but the two are not mutually exclusive by any means.  My father, grandmother and down the family tree have been artists.  While I credit my father with instilling the love video games and researching questions into me, he also taught me about perspective and drawing with pencil, charcoal and chalks.  My grandmother gave me access to and a lifetime long love affair with oils.

My first degree, in fact, is a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  I had big dreams once upon a time of a career as a painter.  I made a go of it, but it’s competitive and simply wasn’t lucrative for me.  A big part of that was trying to get into galleries.  After all, it likely doesn’t matter if you’ve created masterpieces if art lover’s never get to see them.

Here’s where Adsfront comes in.  As I mentioned, this is a free app available at the Google Play market under Deals Cacha. It gives users HD wallpaper while displaying link to deals of interest to them.  Everyone’s looking for a deal!

Why not use the market they’re taking care of finding for you to display your art works in all their HD glory?!  It’s a mobile gallery, with a link to your sales page and the incentive of a deal!  Did you catch all the gems in that sentence?

Imagine your portrait sale here, or that beautiful landscape displayed in HD on a 10′ tablet!

You might think that displaying your art in HD to a targeted community of buyers is super expensive. I know I would have. Not only is it totally affordable, it’s really easy to do.  Head over to Adsfront to check out their order form.  First, I want to point out that this isn’t some long sales pitch where they don’t tell you the price until you inquire (don’t you just hate those?!) Adsfront lays it all out – because it’s simple and affordable!  For $30, yes $30, you upload the image you want displayed, the zip codes you’d like targeted, the link to your page and they run it for a month.  That’s $1 day folks!

With prices like that, it’s even reasonable to run multiple campaigns. Maybe there’s one piece of art that you feel is spectacular and really represents you as an artist – run it alone, full screen, to really highlight it.  Then run another of a few other pieces or promote a sale on two mediums separately.  The options are nearly limitless.

As an artist and a supporter of the arts I’m so excited to see technology embrace and promote traditional art. Take advantage of this offer, it’s a great one!  You’re welcome.

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