Jan 10

Nerd chic! Found a great, geeky scarf!

Luxurious, geeky scarf = Happy me

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Etsy, but if you’re not, you should be! It’s a site for sellers, generally artisans, creating handmade goods. I have found some fantastic items on Etsy over time. Most recently, I found these really awesomely geeky scarves.

Luxurious geek chic! This is the beautiful, purple scarf I got for myself.

To the right is the seller’s image of the scarf that I found and scooped up. She hand-made this beauty and it’s just perfect for me! Purple is my favorite color and it’s made of two cotton silk fabrics that are both warm and feel wonderful against the skin. One side is a binary pattern (a series of 1′s and 0′s for you non-techie readers) and the other side is a print of mother boards/circuit boards. Did I mention it’s reversible? Love a twofer!

The Etsy shop is Panjerize, found here. She’s a woman after my own geeky heart – though much more talented with a needle and thread – here’s an excerpt from her store description:

“This is your stop for Nerdecor and Nerdrobe items! Translation: clothing and decorative items for nerds. Specializing in geek chic and subtle nerd themes!

Currently, she’s selling nerd-themed infinity scarves, ranging from yetis to Doctor Who to pixel art. I’m particularly interested in a Doctor Who scarf she’s got up there (pictured below) as I have a good friend with an upcoming birthday who is majorly into Doctor Who. My friend is also very ecologically aware, and I think he’ll really appreciate that it’s made from organic cotton sateen fabric.

The scarves are in the infinity style. If you’re not familiar with the term, these are the scarves that are one solid loop. There’s enough material so that, without it being too snug around your neck, it folds and provides a really stylish and comfortable warmth. I like it so much I wear it over my coat, (it drapes really beautifully) but you can wear it under as well. This also means no more getting scarf tail stuck in the car door as you friend drives off, your poor scarf seeming to be waving frantically at you to save it … or maybe that’s just me.

Here’s a picture of the Doctor Who scarf I’m getting for my friend:

The blue and white china plate-style print features Doctor Who style police box and characters, with blue and white geometric background. He’ll love it!

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