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New Year, New E-Reader

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday festivities and are feeling optimistic and energetic about things to come in 2013!

As I mentioned, I spent the holidays in Canada.  I’ve subjected my Canadian friend to a number of “enthusiastic” conversations about my dislike for shopping in Canada, or lack thereof.  Whether this is a genuine gripe or confined to his area his still up in the air.  However, this year he surprised me and I was forced to agree that there is at least one product they’ve one-upped us on.

We both enjoy a good fantasy novel.  So, it was no surprise when, after copious amounts of food had been eaten, gifts had been opened and a beautiful two feet of snow had fallen, we each pulled out our e-readers for a little R & R.

It was a lovely moment shared by geeks after a decidedly geeky Christmas (my gifts were all tech gadgets – he knows me well) and I commented that it would be just glorious to have some Christmas music to accompany the mood and winter wonderland landscape.  A few short moments later, the room was full of familiar carols – not like Burnette or Kane, I’m talking Jingle Bells and White Christmas.

No audio equipment was visible in the cabin, not even an MP3 speaker dock.  I was curious!  Lo and behold, his e-reader was pumping out the music while he read.  Interesting.  “Hey, what you got there?”

What he had was an e-Reader from Éditions Dédicaces.  It was nice and light with a crisp 7″ LCD, full color touchscreen display.  It put my e-reader to shame, really. As I played around on it I found that he had a bunch of pictures on it as well. I was impressed! I was, however,  not impressed as I watched myself open a gift Christmas morning, complete with straight from bed crazy hair and obligatory ugly holiday pajamas. The video was crisp and smooth, and I could have killed him for it!

There was some vengeance to be had, though, as further exploration revealed a bunch of recipes, complete with step by step instructions and full color photos.  I’d been all impressed at this seemingly new culinary expertise he’d brandished over the previous few days. Turns out, they came with the e-reader.

Quite an extravagance; I was impressed and a little jealous. Having just spent a small fortune on travel and the holidays, spending $300 plus was out of the question, no matter how cool the gadget was. He let me linger in this jealous state a while (he can be a little evil) until revealing that it was on sale for a mere $160! I asked how much the fancy shmancy leather case was, but he just directed me to their website.

Woah! Ok, so it was $160 … but that included 150 books, including classics by Jules Vernon and the like, full color children’s books, 25 audio books and over 100 recipes!  That leather case? Included too!  I was sold.  If you’re not yet, check out their official blog and this video:

You’re welcome!

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