Oct 19

Online Scheduling Software to Increase Productivity

Online Productivity SoftwareI admit it, I stress out.  Maybe I’m prone to anxiety, maybe I’m a worry-wart, whatever you want to call it, I freak out.  Looming deadlines, unbalanced checking accounts, heck, I even worry FOR people. It seems there are never enough hours in the day to feel as productive as I think I should be.

Every now and then though, my incredibly understanding and sweet boyfriend surprises me with a little trip to the spa.  A facial and massage work wonders at relieving stress.  We are even lucky enough to have a close friend who owns a spa and often get a little extra bang for our buck.

On one recent excursion to said spa, I got to talking with my friend Jem.  As a fellow entrepeneur, I found myself wondering how she maintained such a calm demeanor.  Was it a well-practiced facade to fit in with the relaxed tone of her business or was it genuine?

She told me she still stressed out from time to time, but that her secrets to serenity lay with access to free massages and good organization.  She had come across some excellent salon software that helped her to streamline her business and productivity.  A free, cloud-based product that combined everything she needed in one easy to use interface.

This got me thinking about online productivity software beyond the daily checklist I use.  I took a look at the free software she was using and was surprised at the breadth of functionality they offer.  A calendar overview for all users, integrated with an online booking program and plug-ins to automatically calculate pricing.

I’m so happy Jem has found great software for her spa and that it helps her feel productive, in control and serene, but where is such software for niche business owners and bloggers.  As tech-savvy as I consider myself, I often end up pasting random things into notepad or even <gasp!> keeping a notebook with pen and paper notes.  Anyone know of any?

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    Have you used this yourself or just your salon friend? I need something like this; I’m going to check them out.

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