Apr 14

Perfect gifts without the anxiety

So, I “stumbled upon” this little site called Gift Shopping Guru. First of all, I have a special affinity for anything “guru”, it’s just a cool word.

Once in a while, an occasion comes up and I know exactly or nearly exactly when to get them. More often though, it’s someone’s birthday and I want to get them something but am at a complete loss. I really like to surprise people with gifts and love that feeling when they are genuinely happy with what they receive. When it’s that gift that says, “You really get me! This is awesome!”  I’ve found myself googling terms like “What to buy for a 13 year old boy” or “What to get my geeky boyfriend for Valentine’s Day”. Sometimes, the lists help, but often they’re just sites set up by sellers. They certainly don’t know the person.

So, this Gift Shopping Guru site gives you all sorts of interesting parameters to narrow down your search. General things like your budget and the age of the recipient, but also much cooler things like “Check all that apply: adventurous, sensitive, organized, energetic, intellectual” etc etc. Then provides you with a list of suggestions.

I found that wine came up for nearly every search, but I’m not sure of the creators have some vested interested in wine or if it’s just genuinely one of those gifts that nearly everyone does like to receive. I did several searches using my mother, father, fiance and even myself as guinea pigs at different price ranges. I make this post because I found their suggestions to be seriously on target and I even made an advanced purchase for Christmas based on one of their gift suggestions- Look at me all ahead of the game!

One thing took this already distinctly site a step further for me. You can create an account and add people’s profiles and their birthdays, anniversaries etc. So, that 13 year old boy I mentioned earlier. I tell them his birthday and his personality traits, they keep up with what’s trending for the soon-to-be 14 boy with those attributes and send me a reminder and suggestions before his next birthday. How cool is that?!

If you find yourself at a loss as to what to get for someone, check them out here!

You’re welcome!

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