Jan 31

Retrospective – Log Detective

Faster than tail, smarter than grep!

Hello again my geeky friends! This post goes out to those of you entrenched in IT; who manage your log data on windows, mac or linux. Are you a system administrator? See what’s going on in REAL TIME. Developing or testing software? Verify your tests and see the results of your changes clearly and in seconds!

Retrospective provides log management, greatly improving the mess you might be experiencing currently. Searching for a needle in a haystack can be frustrating and time consuming, but this software will help you find it with pin-point accuracy in no time. It was originally created by developers for their own use. The end product they now offer really shows that this was built by people who actually need it; who were frustrated by the chore of working without it, saw the opportunity to improve their work flow and set out to create a product that simplified their life. Bravo, Retrospective geeks, bravo!

Any issues of safety should be quelled when you hear that they use a secure SSH protocol to connect to the hosts so that the password can’t be intercepted. Also, when you run Retrospective in a production environment, it never saves any of the information it accesses.

Unlike some other options, there is no expensive and time-consuming analysis of your IT environment, building of centralized log storage or complex indexing – because really, the goal is to simplify not add to your work! Retrospective provides a fast, easy way to access your data. Any issue that may be reflected in your logs can be found and resolved in minutes.

As you well know, issues in production and with internal servers can cost tons of time and thousands of dollars. Retrospective is a fifty buck tool that can save you loads of money, endless hours of work and your sanity!

If you’re still not sold, and you should be, check out the Retrospective free demo. That’s one month free with all of the features at your beck and call. Check out how easy it is to configure and use. You’ll be up and running in no time, enjoying how easy it is to identify and configure thousands of huge log files on many separate servers. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have “profileswith your personal groups of data.

You’re welcome!

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