Dec 01

Streaming VPN – for my non-U.S. Friends and Holiday Travelers


Stream all your favorites from anywhere in the world – no lag!

My last post talked about using a VPN so that my non-U.S. friends could take advantage of U.S. sites like Hulu and Facebook (what can I say, I miss you guys!)  Research and conversations from that post led right to this one – Streaming VPN.

If you’re not already familiar, streaming has it’s advantages. Namely – speed. Movies, videos in HD and even music benefit from streaming technology to deliver your content seamlessly.  Maybe you hate those stupid, spinning circles as much as I do, or maybe it’s just my ADD. Either way, everyone hates being engrossed in a movie or grooving out to a favorite tune when, all of the sudden, you’re unceremoniously ejected from your reverie by an evil loading symbol. Say “NO” to lag!

If you live outside the U.S. and want to, say, watch Hulu in Australia (yes, Monica, I’m talking to YOU!) you can do so by streaming it with a VPN.  Aptly named, streamingvpn does a nice job.

I did all the homework for you. These guys work with all applications (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, XBOX etc), have no bandwidth limitation (this is a super nice feature), and secure all transmissions with a 128-bit encryption tunnel – that’s right up there with the big guys like PayPal, super secure. For the non-techie among us, the service self-installs in like 30 seconds and works on every browser.  You can switch between UK and US servers as often as you’d like; assuring you get your BBC and Hulu fixes in equal measure.

With all these features, you’re going to surprised at their totally reasonable price - less than $7 a month. They accept major credit cards as well as PayPal.  Check out their free trial if you’re still not sure.

Now, I’m nice, but I can’t say that I did all this research for purely selfless reasons.  I’ll be travelling this holiday season and didn’t want to lose my Hulu in Canada. I mean, it’s The Office farewell season!

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