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Super Easy DIY Whiteboard – No, Really!

DIY Whiteboard – Cheap and Easy

DIY Whiteboard

DIY Whiteboard -15 minutes of work, 1/8 of the cost

Like a lot of geeks, or maybe people in general (geeks are my only reference point) I <3 whiteboards. Can’t beat them for brainstorming, keeping relevant information handy and, most of all, LISTS.  I live by lists. I am SO much more productive when working from them, especially if said list is predominately displayed in my work space.

As much as I love them, I didn’t want to spend a small fortune to get one. The office supply stores want a small fortune them, so I had settled on a cheap, small one from Walmart.

It’s good to have geeky friends though! In passing conversation, my friend Chris mentioned white panelboard (what? whiteboards don’t come up in your conversations regularly?)  He was excited to share and I was excited to hear. This stuff is about $12 a sheet at Home Depot or Lowe’s – and the sheets are 4′x8′. The staff there will cut it for you, or you can keep it as is if it will fit in your vehicle and you want half a wall of whiteboard.

Panelboard (also sometimes called showerboard) can be found in the ktichen/bath areas.  It’s crazy thin and light and cheap, did I mention cheap? You can throw it on a wall as is with some screws or a bunch of heavy duty, double-sided tape. If you want to be fancy, you can pick up some molding pieces while you’re at the home improvement store (which they’ll also cut for you) and have a nice frame for it. Some simple, cheap MDF also works.

It works just fine with regular dry erase markers and erasers.  If you leave writing on for more than a couple weeks, you have to use Windex or something similar to get it completely off.

Fancy Frame as a Dry Erase

A fancy frame from Ikea used as a dry erase board by the writer of the Nothing but Bonfires blog

As an aside, if you wanted to be REALLY fancy, you could use a picture frame or mirror as a dry erase board. Sharpies and dry erase markers write on glass fine and wipe off easily. This is a great idea if you don’t want your work space to look so “officey” or have a mirror or picture frame laying around that you really like.

I came across this picture frame from Ikea that the writer of Nothing But Bonfires used as a dry erase board in her office. I must say, it looks really nice.

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