Jan 13

The Host with the Most!

My Host Post (I couldn’t resist!)

Hosting providers and I have a long and varied history. I could probably write several long posts on the topic … except it’s Sunday and there is work to be done and chores to be completed. Without bashing companies I’ve had less than desirable experiences with, instead I’ll share a host for whom I have nothing but positive things to say.

I’m sure we’re all tired of hosts that offer great customer service and servers with actual bandwidth but at prices most small businesses have a hard time justifying.  I guess that’s why we get sucked in by the promises of the “big boys”. While they may be sufficient for super simple things, like this one blog, for anything complex, they just, well, stink.

When I first began my foray into blogging and other internet-based pursuits, I used those big names. Sounded good, right? As a novice that needed help regularly, I got a very good picture of their customer service – and it was less than desirable. As my pursuits grew, so did my needs. Turned out, they’re promises of RAM and bandwidth on shared servers were basically outright lies. I thought I had no choice but to upgrade to a VPN or real dedicated server – at outrageous prices and with no increase in the quality of customer service.

Yes, hosting was a thorn in my side for a long time. I’ve spent way too many hours of frustration on something that, really, should just work. So, to save you, my valued readers, some of that frustration, I offer my advice. Go with Raidhost.

Raidhost really is the host with the most! I’m not sure how they manage to do it with the low rates they offer, but they’re great.  They don’t just promise stability, they deliver it. Rather than overcrowd their servers, they invest in their hardware. Even complex sites on shared servers respond quickly. Low latency is super important – did you know part of Google’s ranking algorithm is how quickly a site loads? Not to mention how impatient users are (me included!) If a site isn’t loading right away, it’s the back button and moving on.

There’s also no contract! Not that I’d mind committing to them. What I found so great about that was this: around the holidays, some of my sites see a huge increase in activity. That’s GREAT for me, but can cause problems on a shared server. Raidhost allowed me to upgrade with some bolt-ons – on a temporary basis. It really was a godsend. I was able to deal with the holiday increases without having to upgrade to services I wasn’t going to need anymore in a few weeks.

In addition to all of this, customer service is where they really shine. No techs who act like you’re retarded if you can’t custom code your PHP to work-around a problem. No waiting 3 days just to receive a reply that doesn’t really answer your question. They’re there, they’re real and they’re friendly.  It’s kind of like a time warp, back to 20 years ago when customer service actually meant that customer satisfaction was their goal. Refreshing, to say the least.

I hope this helps save some of you the headaches I’ve endured.

You’re welcome!

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Christina – who has written posts on Virtually Living.

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