Jan 14

Tutor Universe – A Geek’s World

We’re not talking Hooked on Phonics.  You’re going to like this site; whether you’ve been using or looking for a tutor or not.

As geeks, our learning adventure never stops. If we’re kind, neither does our teaching. Tutor Universe combines social networking and collaboration tools with traditional tutoring fundamentals – for adults. It’s aimed at college students and, especially nowadays, that covers pretty much everyone over the age of 18.

You all probably already know of my love of whiteboards, both virtual and tangible. Tutor Universe has really cool collaboration tools, including a whiteboard with lots of intuitive but powerful extras. While whiteboarding, there is a video chat portal and document sharing available. It’s a worthwhile site just for these features, in my opinion. Check it out for your next group project.

A snapshot of the collaborative environment available at Tutor Universe.


They do offer more though. You can sign up as a tutor to share your expertise, and get paid! Of course, you can also utilize the site to learn something new or get help on something you’re stuck on. Since it’s open to everyone rather than having a fixed staff with limited knowledge, the chances of finding someone that is proficient in any category you’re looking for go way up.It’s social, too. So, yes, there is the option of taking a break from studying/teaching to hang out and chat. I’ve also seen this turn into tutoring matchmaking though. Some guy is hanging out, relaxing after a super session on applied physics when a fellow chatter mentions he needs some help with PHP. As luck would have it, applied physics guy does PHP programming as a hobby and the PHP guy just passed his Applied Physics course with flying colors. Awww, it’s almost serendipitous.

I’m not kidding about the matchmaking. When you sign up for Tutor Universe you complete a profile, beyond what you’re knowledgeable in/looking for, personality, background and more are considered. They use this information to pair tutors and tutees in the most compatible way possible.

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