Oct 10

Use PayPal at Amazon

I use Paypal. I love Amazon. I HATE that I can’t use them together – until now!

Use PayPal with Amazon

Use PayPal at Amazon

First, a little background on why Amazon.com doesn’t accept Paypal…

They have never been friends. Dating back to 2003… does anyone else find it crazy to “date back” to such a year, or is it just me getting old?… Anyway, “dating back” to 2003,  Amazon launched it’s service aimed at small internet merchants, thus encroaching on E-Bay’s territory. (We all know that E-Bay owns Paypal, right?) Animosity grew when, in 2007, Amazon made their new payment service – Amazon Payments to compete with Paypal.

Amazon is very protective of their user’s data – their browsing, purchase history etc. – I can appreciate that, but it also means that their payment service is only viable for their site. An informal, personal poll of my friends and family resulted in the following: 12 of 14 have a Paypal account, 13 of 14 have shopped at Amazon.com, only 1 has an Amazon Payment account. Take that data how you will.

Now, I spend a lot of time on-line. I write articles (shocker!), blog, play games, shop, socialize and provide supplemental income for my family. When my mouse started bugging out and my expendable income was tied up in Paypal, I kind of freaked out!

I certainly did not want to wait five days for my Paypal funds to hit my account, then another couple of days for a new mouse to be delivered. In today’s worlds of instant gratification, I was frustrated beyond words… trying to navigate to find a solution on a laptop without an external mouse may have contributed.

I found a TON of people asking the same question, but no real or suitable answers. If you are in a similar circumstance and have stumbled across my little article, your problem is solved!

The point, and I do have one, is that it IS possible to utilize these two internet giants together. Specifically, I have found a very handy site. PayPizzaPal. They accept Paypal for all manner of e-Gift Cards, including Amazon. Hallelujah! Can I get an amen?

It’s a simple enough prospect. They charge a little more than each gift card (can’t begrudge them a profit, right? Plus, Paypal takes a percentage of every transaction) and then send the e-Gift Card to you. This all happens within a half hour from start to finish, and typically faster. In short, you can use your Paypal funds to shop at Amazon within minutes!

Their check out takes you directly to Paypal’s secure site (address and SSL checked and verified) and they never ask for any more information than your name and email address. They offer the same service for a bunch of other stores as well.

One note about the site; they offer the service for restaurants as well. Restuarants are often franchised and don’t always accept corporate gift cards. Check with the particular place you intend to patronize before ordering.


Here’s the website I talk about in this post. A blog about it as well. Go forth and use your Paypal to shop at Amazon!

About the Author:

I've got my hands in any number of pots at any given time. Currently I'm developing android apps, blogging, playing Rift and planning a wedding!

Christina – who has written posts on Virtually Living.

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  1. Matthew R Giese

    Thank you for such a fantastic web site. On what other blog could anyone get this kind of information written in such an insightful way? I have a presentation that I am just now working on, and I have been looking for such info.

  2. Michael LeBlanc

    Your suggestion of using that http://paypizzapal.com/ site is silly. We might be all wondering if you stand to gain something in recommending them. Did you realize that they charge about a 30% transaction charge for using your PP money to shop on Amazon? It is $32 to buy a $25 credit on Amazon. Do the math.

    Perhaps you should temper your suggestion with a dose of reality.

    Thank you.

    1. Christina

      Sorry if you think it’s silly, Michael. I am not an affiliate. I have used their service, including the $7 fee, when I was in a pinch. I have also been on the merchant side of PayPal and understand they charge fees. If they were to offer the cards at cost, they’d be losing several dollars per transaction at least.

      If you have a legitimate alternative for less of a fee, please share it. Otherwise, kindly take your false assumptions and insults elsewhere. I shared a service that I know first-hand works in order to give readers a safe option. Whether or not you or anyone decides it’s worth it is not my call. I have found the site to be valuable from time to time and was merely passing it on.

      1. Paolo

        Dear Christina:
        You might rightly feel incensed when someone attacks your personal blog, but let me take you back to the words you used and that justified Michael LeBlanc’s critique (whom I neither know, nor I am affiliated with).
        “They charge a little more than each gift card (can’t begrudge them a profit, right? Plus, Paypal takes a percentage of every transaction) and then send the e-Gift Card to you.”
        1. To you 30% fee is a “little more”; and you actually used such Scrooge-like fee when you were in a pinch? I can understand that you might have been so far behind your payments that you could not afford the interest rates on a credit card, but 30% surcharge is not recommended to anyone sane of mind, let alone someone “in a pinch”.
        2. PayPal takes a percentage out of every transaction only when you sell stuff, not when you buy. If you buy stuff, PayPal does not take a dime out of your checking account, when you use it as the first source of payment.
        So, do us all a favor: if you want to provide value to the internet community that reads your blog (and by the way, “it’s” means it is, whereas “its” is a pronoun, so please check your grammar where you say “Amazon launched it’s service aimed at small internet merchants”). Also try to be factual and honest in your statements. Perhaps, that way you’ll do much better in life than writing a blog.

      2. Christina

        Dear Paolo,

        You may feel rightly licensed to further attack my personal blog, but let me take you back to your own points in doing so.
        “They charge a little more than each gift card (can’t begrudge them a profit, right? Plus, Paypal takes a percentage of every transaction) and then send the e-Gift Card to you.”
        1. I disclosed the fee to explain the whole picture. The whole point of being in a pinch is that you make a trade off. In this case, it is a $3-$10 fee. If one has a credit card to use in the first place, they’re not in this pinch so your point is kind of invalid.

        2. “PayPal takes a percentage out of every transaction only when you sell stuff, not when you buy.” You basically made my point. Perhaps you’d benefit from reading your own sentence again. The point there is that the seller is charged by PayPal a percentage of each transaction, in addition to a flat fee. If there was no mark up, they would operate at a loss. Again, you are absolutely free to decide the service is not worth the fee but I’d appreciate your first understanding how payment processors work before commenting like you do.

        So, do us all a favor: if you want to add to the value I provide to the internet community (and by the way, line breaks in a large post make them much more easy to read than your wall’o'text) use complete sentences when you critique writing.

        I was factual and honest in my statements. If you would do the same, and be truly informed on the things you seek to tear apart, perhaps you will do better in life than attempting to feel better about yourself by knocking what someone else has created.


  3. Thomas

    I am sorry Christina, but Michael is right. I indeed stumbled upon your website with this question. But a 32% on something like this is not a little charge. In fact, I think it borders on extortion of the people in dire need… Like yourself. I don’t mean to offend you but I think that would have been a better topic for your article. Also, again please take no offense in this, but why would a person keep all of his or her money in a PayPal account? Don’t you have to do groceries and stuff?

    Anyway, as an alternative I think American citizens can apply for a PayPal debit card which works like a Mastercard but is linked to a PayPal account. Unfortunately it’s not available to foreigners. Which still leaves me hanging :(


    The Netherlands

    1. Christina

      Hi Thomas!
      I got a $50 card rather than the $25 one, so paid less than a 32% mark up. I do understand they are making a profit off of our need. Really though, I don’t begrudge them that. We’re paying for a service, not just the card. I can’t think of any service that doesn’t profit from a need … kind of the nature of economy.
      Ideally, the major franchises would get on board and accept PayPal directly. Until that happens though, their service got me what I needed when I needed it. If you don’t want to pay the service fee, it’s certainly your choice.
      With regard to why money would be tied up in PayPal, nearly 1/3 of my income comes from PayPal. Sometimes, particularly, in the beginning of the month when all the bills are due, the checking account can get low. PayPal takes days to transfer into my bank account. It’s not something that happens often and perhaps I should be more careful so it doesn’t happen at all. When it does though, I’m glad I can still use my money stuck in PayPal to get dinner.
      I didn’t want to cause a controversy. For sure, if you don’t like the terms – just don’t use it. I was only offering something I have found to be handy.

      1. Bryan

        Christina, Ignore those fools. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

      2. Christina

        Thanks, Bryan!

  4. Brandon

    Thanks for this article. The $10 fee on a $50 card was acceptable for me, since they were fast and didn’t rip me off. Honestly, I just wanted a way to use my PayPal money to get something I wanted off Amazon and this worked.

  5. Tiffany

    Thank you for your article. I have wanted to know myself why Amazon doesn’t take Paypal,
    and I am the type of person that doesn’t just take “no, they just don’t” as an answer – I want
    to know -why-. :)

    1. leona

      Ebay, a competitor, owns paypal.

  6. Ken Anderson

    Hi Christina,

    I appreciate your efforts in regards to writing this article but I think your statement… “They charge a little more than each gift card” is a bit misleading. A 32% markup is a massive markup.

    Ken Anderson

  7. Rachel

    Thank you thank you! Just used that site for a huge amazon order. I appreciate it!

    1. Christina

      You’re so welcome, Rachel. I’m glad you found it useful and hope you got some really cool stuff!

      1. Maude

        Poor Christina, getting slammed on your own Blog!

  8. phemy

    Christina… very good job in finding solutions to the issue of Amazon VS PayPal … lot of respect to you , cause you handled the negative comment very well, that is huge sense of maturity from you, i don’t understand people sometimes… they have the choice to take your idea or not take it.. yet they still complain, silly people … keep up the good work Beautiful Lady

  9. David

    Instead, most local stores have a gift card section. You can just buy Amazon gift cards at face value. And you can use funds from your bank account if you have a debit card or even simply withdrawing cash from your account and buy a gift card. When I first got a credit card, I used it to make online purchases. But now that these gift cards or pre-paid credit cards exist there really isn’t much need for a credit card.

  10. Daniel Jones

    What frustrates me is how long my money can be tied up by an online company. Especially in a situation where the mistake was theirs, not mine! The money gets withdrawn from my card or account instantly, but it may take several days or weeks to be reimbursed.

  11. Lamb

    Thanks do much for the information.

    I am surprised idiots attack your good advise because it is expensive. For those who want to buy from Amazon with PayPal, without being able to use credit/ debit cards for whatever reason, it is a great solution.

    Thank you!

  12. cornelius pankey

    Please help me

  13. TCA

    Just dawned on me that I’m taking time out of my day to read some obscure article on some obscure girls site?
    Guess I’ll never get those 10 minutes back.

    1. Christina

      Well that’s a “glass half empty” way of looking at it. You could also consider the fact that a perfect stranger was able to provide you with information you were searching for via the miracle of the internet.

      Perspective, eh?

    2. The Carpooler

      Just searching the logic behind Amazon not accepting PayPal, ran across this article. Useful info. THEN read the comments because I love trolls.
      So, TCA, you are unhappy because you read an obscure article? That it’s on a girl’s website (really, how immature are you)? That you took 10 minutes to read it? Or are you really unhappy you took those 10 minutes and THEN another few minutes just to piss and moan about it in the comments section?
      Too.Much.Anger. Go get a hug.

  14. Maynard Van Laer

    Thank you very much for this. I wanted to buy with paypal on Amazon. I have no debt card yet. I have a question what if your product is more then 50 $ does the e-gift card”s stack ? like if I buy 10 of 59.97 I have 500$ ? Or you have 10 cards of 50 $ that doesn’t stack ?

    1. Christina

      Hi Maynard. They are standard Amazon cards so I see no reason why they wouldn’t stack infinitely. To be positive though, I would contact PayPizzaPal customer service. You can ask them via their contact page at http://paypizzapal.com/contact-us/

  15. Caesar

    Christina you have the right intentions.. but that is not pratical with the cost. , a much easier way to all of you. order a paypal debit card or there new pre paid master card from paypal you can then use that card like any other debit or credit card to make your purchases on Amazon .. bam end of story..

    1. Christina

      Hi Caesar. You’re right, going through the application process for a PayPal card is a better long-term solution. It’s worth doing if you use PayPal often and don’t want to wait for your funds to transfer to your bank account. This particular solution is for people who do not have a PayPal card and need immediate access to use their PayPal money on Amazon. Applying for and receiving a PayPal card can take over 30 days – while a valid solution, it is not an immediate one.

  16. Chad

    In the age of instant gratification, it’s difficult to find solutions that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. I appreciate that you’ve shared a way to do this. I came by this post as I was obviously looking for a way myself, much like many others. So keep up the good work!

    1. Christina

      Thanks, Chad. We are indeed in an age of both instant gratification and digital transactions. I’ve found it convenient as well.

      Appreciate your taking the time to post a comment of support. Really.

  17. Jacquelyn

    Thank you so much! Like you, most of my funds sit in Limbo through paypal. This is just the quick solution I was searching for.

    1. Christina

      So glad you found it useful, Jacquelyn.

      Thanks a ton for taking the time to come back and leave a comment!

  18. Joey

    Wow. The girl was just passing on some information. She didn’t say it was a GREAT DEAL or FREE. There are a lot of anal critical @$$ holes out there. What, are you jealous that she is smart AND beautiful?
    How many people have to say “there is a 32% mark up!!!” Hey! Get this! If someone WANTS something in a hurry, they dont mind spending a little more! And if you are so concerned over 7 bucks…. F’it, Im done…. She’s smart, you other losers are LAME.
    THE END.

    1. Christina

      Thanks, Joey.

      Isn’t it weird that when you simply take the time to share information, people assume some personal stake in it? They showed me, right?

      I mean, how very dare I offer up a possible solution to an issue I’d found myself in!

  19. James

    I do believe this article is no longer accurate. After viewing the website it appears they no longer offer Amazon gift cards. Regardless, well written article, nice work!

  20. Ashley

    I just tried that site, and it appears that they only offer pizza restaurants now :(
    Well, I just found what I was trying to buy on Amazon on Ebay, so I used my Paypal, and got a better deal!
    Like your blog though, and your comments as well to all the haters :)

  21. frank

    I put coins in Coinstar and print out an Amazon giftcard. Handy? No. BUT THIS OPTION IS FREE.

  22. Nabarun Chakrabarti

    Hi Christina

    I wonder if you can shed some light on a site that uses paypal to pay for amazon purchases and also has an android app for paying on the go..couldn’t access paypizzapal as they are undergoing maintenance. Any site which has an android app for their payments to amazon with paypal would do just fine..thanks in advance.


  23. Brad

    Wow you are very beautiful. Useful post. As for all the losers complaining about the pizza pal fee, gues what, it’s called a market economy for a reason. Get a life lol.

  24. Ted Wood

    This is useful information. Thanks Christina. And I applaud you for standing tall against the negative comments here. You are absolutely right that a “service provider” is providing a service a definitely deserves to make a profit. You, as a “consumer” agree to their fees. Nobody has forced you to spend that. Doesn’t buying from Amazon get people some amazing deals instead of buying from a brick-and-morter shop? Wouldn’t the 30% fee be far less than what you just saved by shopping at Amazon?

    Perspective is right.

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